Getting Started with WidgetMakr

Welcome to WidgetMakr! This guide is designed to help you start raising money online for your campaign or organization. If you want more help in maximizing the WidgetMakr platform, please refer to the Best Practices Guide.  

What’s in the Getting Started with WidgetMakr guide:          

  1. Getting Help
  2. Sign Up a New Organization
  3. Reset or Change a Password
  4. Enable Email Notifications
  5. Build a Multi-Step Widget
  6. Try Out Your Widget in Testmode
  7. Embed a Widget on a Website

1. Getting Help

If you have questions, the WidgetMakr Support Team is here to help you out. There are several ways to contact us if you have need help.

  • Online HelpDesk

Available 24 hours a day, the WidgetMakr Helpdesk is the best place to start your search. You’ll find written guides, FAQs and a special section for Spark donors when you visit the Helpdesk at

  • Call the Support Team

You can reach the WidgetMakr Support Team at 1-800-878-6837. During business hours, you’ll reach one of our team members working at our Tysons Corner, VA office.

  • Email Us

If you wish to email, you can contact us at


2. Sign Up a New Organization

If you need help signing up a new organization on WidgetMakr, please read the How to Sign Up a New Organization guide. In order to complete the process, you will need to upload the following documents when prompted:  

  • Business Verification Document – Copy of a time Stamped FEC Form 1 (Federal Committees), Time Stamped State Filed Statement of Org or similar document (State Candidate), IRS 501(C)3 OR 501(C)4 status confirmation letter (Non-Profits)
  • Responsible Official Valid Driver’s License
  • Bank Verification – a copy of a voided check or a bank verification letter on bank letterhead including your organization’s name, bank routing number and account number and signature from a bank official.
  • IRS SS4 Letter – this is not required but will help speed up approval time.

Need more help? Click here for instructions on setting up a merchant account or getting started with Amex Online Merchant Billing Services.


3. Re-set or Change a Password

If you forget your password or need to change it, click here to follow the directions on how to Re-set or Change Your Password.


4. Enable Email Notifications

If you wish to receive notifications from WidgetMakr, you will have to turn them on in your WidgetMakr dashboard and then the individual widget for which you want to receive updates. From the My Account link, you can choose to receive instantaneous, daily, or weekly notifications. For detailed directions, click here.


5. Build a Multi-Step Widget

For help in creating your first widget, please refer to the How to Build a Multi-Step Widget or download a copy of the WidgetMakr User Guide.


6. Try Out Your Widget in Testmode

WidgetMakr allows you to test a widget to follow the donor’s experience when making a donation. In order to use this feature, add the URL Parameter, ?testmode=yes, to the end of the widget’s hosted URL.

For detailed directions on how to use this feature, please read Use Test Mode Before Making a Widget Live.


7. Embed Your Widget or Share a Link

Once you have created your widget, you can embed a widget into your website or share the link to the widget’s page on WidgetMakr.

  • Embed Code

This code can be copied and used to embed in your website’s donation page. You can always retrieve this code on the widget list page. Refer the last page in the process of setting up your widget or read the tutorial on How to Embed a Widget onto a Wordpress Site for guidance on adding your widget to a website.

  • Copy This Link

Click this link and a new tab will open to the WidgetMakr hosted webpage of your widget. Copy the URL to this link and send it out to bundlers, in email blasts, etc.



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