How to Use Simplified View

The Simplified View streamlines the donation process for Spark users who opted to save their payment information. It cuts down the donation process to one step.

Note: For new widgets, the Simplified View is enabled by default. However, for existing widgets, you have to manually check the box. This was done to prevent any problems with widgets with customized CSS.

  1. While building a widget, you can find the Simplified View option under Step 1: Make a Widget. Scroll down mid-way down the page. The Simplified View button is located on the right-hand side of the page.

  1. Click on the orange  button and finish building your widget.
  1. When a Spark user opens a widget with the Simplified View enabled, this is how the widget will look:

Note: If not a Spark user, or if payment information is not saved, a standard 3-step widget will appear.

4. If you wish to make the widget even simpler, you can add a URL parameter, ?Donation=donationamount, to offer one donation option.  


Note: Refer to the WidgetMakr guide on URL Parameters if you need more information. 


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