How to Set Up Recurring Donations

Recurring donations are an easy way to maximize donations from donors. A nonprofit study found that the average recurring donor gives 42% more during a year-long period than one-time gifts. It’s simple to add this feature to your widgets and customize it to the needs of your organization or campaign.

1. While building a widget, you can find the recurring donations section under Step 1: Make a Widget. Scroll towards the bottom of the page until you see the Contribution Amount Click in the box to expand it for editing. 

2. The box will expand to display the Spark Giving Matrix. Click on the section labeled Recurring Options to update the recurring donations settings.

3. The section will expand to display all of the recurring donations options available.

Recurring Donation Options:

  • Frequency: Under this drop-down box, you can choose if donations should be automatically withdrawn each week, month, year or quarter.
  • End date: You can select the date you wish the recurring donations to end. This is helpful if you are raising money for a political campaign so that donations will end after election day.
  • Checkbox Options: This option will allow you to include a recurring giving message. If used, it will include an end date.

  • Label: This field provides the text next to the checkbox explaining the frequency of the donation and when it will end.

On the finished widget it will appear as:

  • Highlight: This option will highlight the recurring donation ask.
  • Message: This is the call-to-action that appears below your payment information.

4. Once you have finished, click on the orange Next button at the top of the page to continue building your widget.

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