How to Sign Up a New Organization (New Client)

Follow the directions below if you are NOT an existing WidgetMakr Organization Manager and you would like to apply for a new merchant/WidgetMakr account for an organization.  If you are an existing WidgetMakr Organization Manager and you are looking to sign up a new organization, go here for instructions.  

  1. First, go to WidgetMakr’s website and press either the  or  button.
  2. You’ll then be asked to sign-up and create a login to WidgetMakr to start the application process.
    • Enter your email address, confirm the email address, create a password, confirm that you’re located in the US, read the Terms of Service, and press the Sign Up button.
  1. Once you’ve created a login, the WidgetMakr online application will launch. Please complete all three sections and submit the application for processing. **Make sure to have all supporting documents scanned and ready to submit to complete the application, including:
    • (REQUIRED) Business Verification Document – Copy of a time Stamped FEC Form 1 (Federal Committees), Time Stamped State Filed Statement of Org or similar document (State Candidate), IRS 501(C)3 OR 501(C)4 status confirmation letter (Non-Profits)
    • (REQUIRED) Responsible Official Valid Driver’s License.
    • (REQUIRED) Bank Verification – Copy of bank account voided check, or a bank verification letter on bank letterhead, with organization name, bank routing number, bank account number, and signed by bank official.
    • (OPTIONAL) IRS SS4 Letter – This is not required, but will help speed up approval turnaround time.

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