Issuing a MeS Online Credit Card Refund

If you are using WidgetMakr for credit card processing then you have a Merchant e-Solutions (MeS) merchant account. When needed, you can issue online refunds for credit card transactions that were processed in WidgetMakr via this merchant account.

First, you’ll need the MeS online portal login information to access your merchant account.








If you don’t have this information, please contact to request it.

Once you’ve obtained the MeS login information, you’ll need to go to, enter your User ID, Password, and answer(s) to your security questions to access MeS’ online portal.

Looking up the Tran ID

Once logged in, first look up the original transaction to be refund and obtain the Trident Tran ID.

When you export your Conversions data from WidgetMakr, there is a column in the file called Merchant Transaction ID. In mid-February 2016, we began recording the Tran ID from MeS in WidgetMakr. If the Merchant Transaction ID in that field begins with “MES:” then you don’t need to look up the Tran ID in MeS’ online portal before issuing the refund. You can copy the Tran ID from the Conversions file and use it for the steps on issuing the refund below.  Otherwise, please take the following steps:

  1. Select Payment Gateway Back Office from the Main Menu.
  2. Under Batch Management, select View Settled Batches.
  3. If you have a Profile ID drop-down menu, choose the first Profile ID that ends in -01.
  4. Enter the date range for the transaction(s) that you’re looking to refund.
  5. Find the transaction that you’re trying to refund and copy the Tran ID.
  • You can confirm you have the right transaction by verifying the amount, card type, and first four and last four credit card numbers in the details for that transaction in WidgetMakr.
  • If you’re having trouble locating the transaction’s Tran ID, click Download Report so that you can view the list of transactions in Excel and find it easier.

Issuing the Refund

Now that you have found the Tran ID for the transaction, you can move forward with issuing the refund.

  1. Click Transaction under the Payment Gateway Back Office section.
  2. If you have a Profile ID drop-down menu, choose the first Profile ID that ends in -01.
  3. Under Transaction Information, select the TXN Type of Refund.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to refund in the Amount
  5. Paste the Tran ID you previously copied into the Transaction ID
  6. Click Submit Transaction.
  7. Once you’ve received confirmation that the refund has been successfully issued, print or save a copy of the refund receipt by pressing the Print Record

*Please note, if you are a Crimson client, you’ll need to apply a “Merchant Credit – Full” or “Merchant Credit – Partial” to the corresponding receipts in Crimson.


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