How to Stop Recurring Donations

Follow the directions below if you need to stop a recurring donation for a donor.

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1. From your WidgetMakr dashboard, click on the Conversions tab and then the Conversions link

2. Click on the blue Advanced link next to the Search field. Enter the name of the donor and then click on the Recurring Only box.

3. A list of possible transactions will populate.

4. Click on the blue Details link under the transaction that you want.

Note: In order to successfully stop the recurring donation, you must find the original donation where the recurring donation started.

5. Once the transaction record opens, scroll down to the Payment Information Click on the orange  button.

6. Click OK when the confirmation message appears to end the donation.

7. The Recurring Donation field will say Stopped.

8. The transaction will display a red bar when the recurring donation has been stopped.

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