How to Embed a Widget onto a Wordpress Site

If you wish to add a donation widget to your Wordpress website, follow the directions below on how to embed the widget’s code on your website page. 

1. Create a new page on your Wordpress website.  


2. In a separate browser window or tab, open up the WidgetMakr widget that you want to embed. Click on the link for Edit.  

3. Under Step 1: Make a Widget, click on the drop-down menu under Multi-Step Alignment – located in the Widget Format box on the right -- and choose Inline.

4. Click on the orange   button and continue through the next few steps until you click on the  button, which is located on the bottom of Step 3: Thank You Messaging.

5. After you click on the Finish button, you should see a page with the Embed Code for your widget. Copy this code to your computer’s clipboard.

6. Go back to your Wordpress site, and click on the Text tab in the HTML editor. Paste the code for the widget embed.

7. Click on Save Draft, which is located in the box on the right-hand side of your screen. Once the page has saved, select the Preview option. 

8. A preview of your page should open in a new browser tab.

9. Back in the Wordpress tab, click on the blue  if there are no changes to be made. Your widget is now published on your website and ready to be shared.

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