Release Notes: Mach 24, 2016


Simplified widget view
The simplified widget is designed to streamline your donation page with a custom donation ask for each of your donors with Spark accounts. It works by adding a URL parameter to your repeat donors that defines a specific amount based on their previous giving history.

If you aren’t sure how to use URL parameters to help customize your online giving asks, click here for our tutorial.

Smarter Labels
Now when you start typing, the label of a form field will now move above the field. This way you can tell the difference between fields such as first and last name when entering text.

New Giving Matrix Option
In addition to the three existing donation models you can use to customize your giving asks, you can now offer one-half of the donor’s previous last gift.

Add Custom Fields to Multi-Step Widgets
When using multi-step widgets, you can now add custom fields to collect additional information that your organization may need.


When credit card numbers are entered, the form field is now formatted with spaces to look like they do on the card. 

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