Using a Widget's Embed Code vs. Hosted Link

Once you have created your widget, you can embed a widget into your website or share the link to the widget’s page on WidgetMakr.

Embed Code

To access the embed feature and the code, navigate to the respective widget and click the Embed button on the top right side of your widget overview page, as shown below.


The code that appears can be copied and used to embed in your website’s donation page. You can always retrieve this code on the widget list page, shown below.

You can also refer the the tutorial on How to Embed a Widget onto a Wordpress Site for detailed directions how to add your widget to a website.

● Copy This Link
Click this link and a new tab will open to the WidgetMakr hosted webpage of your widget. Copy the URL to this link and send it out to bundlers, in email blasts, etc.

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