How to Stop a Recurring Gift in WidgetMakr

 Monthly recurring donations can be stopped directly in WidgetMakr. In order to successfully stop a recurring gift in WidgetMakr, you need to stop the original recurring contribution that was submitted by the donor and not one of the subsequent monthly donations. 

Stopping a Recurring Gift in WidgetMakr

  1. Once logged into your WidgetMakr account, select the Conversions tab.
  1. To find the recurring donor and the corresponding original recurring donation, select the Advanced search.
  1. You’ll want to enter the donor’s name, email, donation’s date range, and/or check the “Recurring Only” checkbox.


  1. Once you’ve found the original recurring donation you’d like to stop, click the Details link under the donor’s name.
  1. There, you’ll be taken to the donation’s details and under the Payment Information section, you’ll see a  button in the Recurring Donation field.
  1. When you press the  button, you’ll be asked “Are you sure you want to stop the recurring donation? This action cannot be undone”. Click OK.
  1. Once the recurring donation has been successfully stopped, the Recurring Donation field will no longer have a Stop button, but instead will have the language “Stopped”. Then in the Conversions list, under the amount, it will say “Recurring (stopped)” in red instead of “Recurring” in orange.


**If you have any trouble stopping a recurring donation, please contact

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