How to Archive a Widget

The Archive function allows you to organize your WidgetMakr dashboard, save older widgets for future reference and eliminate the need to delete widgets. You can also use Archive to redirect old fundraising widgets to new ones.

Note: Follow these directions if you wish to delete a widget.                            

How to Archive a Widget                                    

1. From your WidgetMakr dashboard, scroll to the widget you wish to archive and click on the blue Archive link. 

2. Now, you need to select an active widget to redirect from the archived one. This allows a donor to access a current fundraising widget if they happen to click on a link to the archived widget from an old email or website.

There are two ways to this:

a. To use an existing widget to send the redirect, open the Widget drop-down menu and select one from the list.


b. To redirect a donor to another web address, paste that website in the Redirect URL field.


3. Click on the  button, and you are finished.                           

How to Access Archived Widgets                                    

1. If you wish to find an archived widget, sign into WidgetMakr and click on the Widget Under the Widget dashboard, click on the Archived link.

2. All of your archived widgets will be displayed. When you open an archived widget, it will be noted next to its name.

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