How to Enable Email Notifications

Turn Notifications on for an Individual WidgetMakr User

1. Click My Account under the Welcome Back area in the right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Select the Notification Frequency for the widgets which have notifications turned on.

Note: Organization Managers will receive notifications for all Widgets with notifications enabled.

Click the Receive Recurring Notifications for recurring contributions.

3. Go to the individual widget for which you wish to receive notifications and click on its name.

4. Under the Options box, click on the Enable Notifications checkbox and then the Save Settings button. 

Note: You will need to enable notifications for each widgets for which you wish to receive updates.

Turn Notifications on for an Individual Widget

1. Go to the Widget tab and click on the name of the widget on which you wish to enable notifications.

2. Check the Enable Notifications box and click Save Settings.

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