How to Connect Facebook to a Widget

You have a Facebook Page, and you have a fundraising widget set up for your organization. Now, how do you connect the two? There are several options:

1. Easiest: Post an update on Facebook with an eye-catching graphic that links to your donation page or widget. Do this regularly for the most effective fundraising.

2. Easier: Set up the ‘Donate Now’ Button on Facebook.

3. Hardest: Embed a WidgetMakr widget on a custom Tab in your Facebook Page.

EASIEST: Post an Update on Your Page.

While having the option to embed a widget on your Facebook Page is helpful, the overwhelming amount of traffic to your page is generated by updates in the Facebook Feed. Since Facebook fans are primarily prompted to visit your Page when they see an update posted by your organization or shared by friends, regularly posting links to your donation pages is by far the best way to garner donations through Facebook.

Tips to maximize views and shares:
1. Use creative & custom graphics with each post (graphics should be 1200x688 pixels). If you need help, go to, a free site that makes it easy to design a graphic.

2. Look at your page insights to see the best time of day to post.

3. Keep the message timely. Don’t post the same message over and over. Connect your donation ask with something going on in your campaign, an upcoming event, or a news story.


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