Release Notes: July 28, 2015


1. WidgetMakr has a new marketing site! You like our fresh new look?

2. There's also a new login page design.

3. Now, the main dashboard loads asynchronously via AJAX for a better user experience and faster login.

4. On CSV exports, Widget ID and Transaction ID were added, and the "Initiative" column was removed.

5. On the Conversion tab, the “Initiative” was changed to “Widget”.

6. Under recurring donations, a URL Parameter support for the Repeat Payment Monthly checkbox was added. You can now use the parameter “recurring=yes” to check the box and “Term=0”. You can set the term to “0” (until cancelled), “3”, “6”, “9”, “12”).

7. Notifications are now enabled by default on new widgets.



1. The reset password link in sent via email now includes a link rather than a text URL. 

2. URL parameter data is saved if a user logs out of a widget, then donates.

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