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WidgetMakr has two different APIs, the Payment API and Conversion API. The Conversion API pulls conversion data that’s already been process through a widget. The Payment API allows you to create custom forms as an alternative to using a widget. The guide below directs you to where documentation can be found for these two different APIs.

Where to Find Conversion API Documentation
Documentation for the Conversion API can be found once you log into WidgetMakr. From the dashboard, follow Organization Settings -> API -> API Information. Below are guided steps to help find this.

1. Log into WidgetMakr.

2. In the upper right-hand corner, click on “Organization Settings.”


3. Once you are on the “Organization Settings” page, click on the link that says, “API”.


4. Documentation is posted under “API Information.”


How to Find Payment API Documentation

In order to access documentation for the Payment API, you need to open up a widget from the WidgetMakr dashboard.

1. Go to Step 3: Thank You Messaging.


2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Widget Settings, look for the check box labeled, “Enable Payment API.”



3. Under the check box, click on the link saying, “View Payment API Instructions.” When you click on the link, API documentation for the Payment API will open in a new window.






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