Release Notes: October 7, 2015


  • On multi-step widgets, clicking the donation amount now brings users directly to the second step. You can also use the URL parameter of “?donation=25” to preselect a donation amount and automatically move a donor directly to step 2.
  • We added a delightful fade animation in between the steps of the donation form.
  • We added “Donation amount: $25” above the Next button on multi-step widgets to improve user experience.


  • Updates were made to the user experience in the widget source code editor.
  • Various user experience updates were made to the donor account pages.


  • Resolved: Graph on Widget Details page now displays properly.
  • Resolved: Sorting by Signups/Donations and sorting by Name on the widgets page is fixed. These sort options now work properly.
  • Resolved: Reset password email link should now be hyperlinked in all email programs.
  • Resolved: Stopped recurring gifts should now display as stopped when a user refreshes the page.
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