Use Test Mode Before Making a Widget Live

With the Test Mode feature in WidgetMakr, you can replicate a donor’s experience without actually processing a real contribution or having the test data saved in the account.

The steps below will show you how to enable the test mode feature for a specific widget before making it live.

1. Once logged into WidgetMakr, you’ll need to access the Embed Code page for the widget you’re trying to test. This page can be accessed at the end of the widget editing process (step 3) or directly via the Widgets.

2. At the bottom of that page is where the Test Mode Parameter is listed.

3. Open the widget’s URL in a new browser window or tab. Then copy and paste this parameter to the end of the widget’s hosted URL: ?testmode=yes.


4. Proceed to go through your donation widget as a normal donor would. Any “donations” or actions made through it will not be reflected in the WidgetMakr dashboard, but you’ll be able to experience the donation process in the same way that a donor would.

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