Setting Up Spark for Organizations

Spark™ Donation Fundraising

Spark logoTo spark future donations, your supporters must save their payment information.The first time your donor makes a donation, WidgetMakr allows donors to save payment information for future giving. Donors can also opt-out on the donation form.

One-Click Campaigns

Spark allows you to create unique fundraising campaigns specific to your donors’ giving history that allows them to simply click once on a provided link to complete their donation to your campaign or cause. To get started, go to the Spark tab in WidgetMakr and click Create a New Spark Campaign. Below are the steps you take to create a campaign:

1. Choose a widget
Select a widget from the drop down menu or enter a URL you prefer to use for processing your campaigns donations. If you select your own URL, we will validate it for an existing WidgetMakr widget.

2. Choose Amount
Use the Giving Matrix to help you create the donations amounts for your campaign, or specify Fixed Values. You can also select Don’t Specify Amount, which allows donor’s to select their amount to donate and essentially provides a link to your regular widget.

3. Confirmation
Give your new campaign a name. Select if you want to include donor’s with no CC on file. Check the User Agreement box, and finally, GenerateCSV.

The CSV will provide donor contact information as well as the HTML Code to use for the clickable donations amounts to email a donor.

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