Spark Settings & Options

What is Spark?

Spark LogoSpark gives donors the option to store their information in a secure, PCI-compliant environment. This allows donors to easily pre-fill future donation forms, and view their giving history any time in their Spark accounts. This also allows Clients to create Spark One-Click Donation Campaigns for their Spark donors. To spark future donations, your supporters must first save their payment information. WidgetMakr makes this a smooth and easy option for everyone. Below are the Default and Optional Spark settings available to clients.

Spark Settings

View Spark Settings
To view or edit your donor Spark settings, Organization Managers can login to WidgetMakr and select the Organization Settings link at the top right corner of the screen.

View the Spark settings options here. There are two options to choose from: 1) Opt Out (default)or 2) Opt in.

Donor View

Opt Out (Default)
The Opt Out setting enables donors to save their contact and payment information with little effort required. If the donor does not want to save this information, they can manually opt-out before submitting their donation. To do so, a donor can click Change Here and then uncheck the Remember Contact Information and/or Remember Payment Method boxes. Below is the donor’s view of the opt-out options on a widget:

Opt In
The Opt In setting requires a donor to manually select the options to save their contact and payment information. To do so, they would need to check the Remember Contact Information box.

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