Release Notes: May 20, 2015

WidgetMakr 5.1.7


• New Test Mode for widgets

• New Archive feature for widgets

• Widgets can use Source Codes for tracking

• Widgets are now accessible for keyboard users

  • Widget donation forms can now be completed only using keyboards, which makes the site more accessible for disabled users.


• Updates were made to Conversion tab exports

  • Tags and widget description now included in CSV exports for conversions
  • Data on recurring donors added to Conversion exports. Fields now include recurring indicator, end date and stopped indicator.  
  • If filters are applied to the Conversions tab, only those results will be exported. 

• On mobile version, number fields now trigger special keyboards:

  • The phone number, zip code, credit card, and CVV fields trigger numeric keyboards when used on mobile devices.

• Org managers can "Enable Giving Matrix" on a widget: 

  • This turns on the Giving Matrix on an individual widget, which would dynamically, in real-time, populate donation amounts based on a Spark users giving history. Non-Spark donors would just see the regular amounts on the form.

• Widget headers can be disabled on standard widgets. 

• Titles of widgets can be edited when the header is disabled.

• Improvements were made to the Payment API and Sign up API:

  • Removed the NameonCard field from the payment API and documentation since it is no longer required by the CMDI card processing API.
  • Added the Employer Address fields to the Payment API and Sign up API and updated the documentation.


  • Welcome email to new Spark donors was updated.





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